Google Creates more Opportunity for Everyone

Google Creates more Opportunity for Everyone

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Yesterday in Pittsburgh, PA, Google announced initiatives that expand on its efforts to create more opportunity for everyone – teachers and students, local businesses, job seekers, developers, and startups.

The Google CEO, Sundar Pichai made talked about Google mission at the event on Thursday, when he said, “At Google, our mission is to make sure that information serves everyone, not just a few. A child in a school… can access the same information on Google as a professor… In the end, the Internet is a powerful equalizer, capable of propelling new ideas and people forward.

People all over the world can use Google’s tools from anywhere once there is Internet connection to bounce back from being laid off from a place of work. And to do it not by looking for work, but by pursuing their passions; to become entrepreneurs. We’ve had many people who learned how to bake cake, how to write computer programs, how to sew and do more things that generate income on YouTube and by using Google search. Example is Nisha Blackwell, a self-taught CEO who learned how to sew and make bow ties on YouTube. As reported on Google Blog, Nisha attended a Google-sponsored program aimed at urban entrepreneurs that inspired her to start Knotzland, a handcrafted bowtie company that she runs out of the Homewood neighborhood. Below is a video that introduces Nisha and her business.

Nisha Blackwell: Self-taught CEO

Better access to information can revitalize local and family businesses in today’s economy.

Sundar announced that as they looked across all Google programs, they saw three ways to greatly enhance opportunity for everyone, which were announced yesterday.

  • Google is launching Grow with Google, a new initiative to help people with the skills they need to get a job or grow their business.
  • Globally, Google will provide $1 billion in grants over the next five years to nonprofits working on three key areas that they think will boost opportunity.
  • Finally, Googlers can volunteer 1 million hours to help these front-line organizations.

All these programs are available wherever you have an Internet connection. But Google also recognizes that there’s no substitute for meeting people when you’re looking to switch careers or move your life into new territory.

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